Restorative Dentistry

young man smilingBad things happen to even nice people. In dentistry, that translates to decayed teeth, fractured teeth and teeth lost to periodontal disease or other untreatable infections. Add to that otherwise healthy teeth that are damaged by excessive wear or erosion. Now you can appreciate how people throughout history feared and suffered from their dental problems!

Repairing individual teeth is the daily job in an average dental practice. But when multiple teeth are lost or excessively worn, there are often resulting changes in the bite relationship and atypical facial pain. To some degree our teeth do wear and, happily, for these minor changes in jaw position, our natural adaptive capacity may compensate for these changes. But when they cannot compensate, or the magnitude of a restoration requires consideration of the jaw position and how the upper and lower arches meet (the "occlusion"), that's where Dr. Stapleton's two-plus decades of experience and expertise with advanced electronic diagnostics is unrivaled.

Our practice is one of the less than one percent of offices nationwide to routinely offer the services of surface electromyography, sirognathography, joint vibration analysis, the computerized analysis of occlusal force and timing, and dental-orthopedic analysis in the diagnosis and treatment of complex restorative problems. It is this advanced training and emphasis on developing detailed, objective data that helps result in treatment success. Would you ever consider having a major medical operation without a complete battery of laboratory test results? Probably not, but in dentistry, people do every day! And as a result, when things go wrong due to an improper diagnosis or technical complication, the road back to normal is often a long and difficult path – if it's ever found at all!

Having a practice deeply based in "Dentalmetrics," whether you need this technology now, or perhaps someday in the distant future, we are unique in the philosophy, experience and expertise our office can provide. It is this emphasis on objective measurement in the evaluation of your dental problems that is not typically found in other practices. Following the medical model and having the ability to record the measurements of how your mouth functions enables us to not only guide your treatment to a successful conclusion, but also help you to better understand the nature of your problems, and provide objective, long-term evaluation in preventive health maintenance. It was once said that until something can be measured, it is simply an opinion. Our office strives to be in the business of having the facts needed to solve your dental problems. If one of your concerns is having very worn teeth or a "bite" that does not feel normal, this is the technology that can help you.