Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Our office is knowledgeable and skilled in all of today's cosmetic dentistry advancements. We have decades of experience in meeting our patients’ concerns and needs. What we don't do is aggressively try to "sell" these services for our personal gain. It has often been said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and our practice is not to exploit anyone's insecurity. Yet when nature or time has diminished the beauty of a smile, Dr. Stapleton's skill and training are ready to analyze and correct whatever problems come our way. The cosmetic issues and expectations that we deal with vary from simple to complex. We offer a range of solutions that are appropriate for the problem.

Vital Tooth Whitening

Much of the public is under the impression that in order to get teeth their whitest it requires special equipment like lasers and special whitening lamps. It has long been known to the profession that, although these techniques do help in whitening teeth, they are no more effective that using custom-made dental trays with an approved whitening product. In fact, all tooth whitening techniques ultimately depend on custom-made trays to finish and maintain their result. What these lights do add to the process is additional cost to offset additional labor and the equipment.

Professional tooth whitening differs from over-the-counter products in that the concentration of the active tooth whitening ingredient is significantly higher in the professional technique. Studies, past and present, support the safety of virtually all methods of tooth whitening used today. It's just that professionally administered treatment will consistently yield the best, most predictable results. The virtually sole impediment to this procedure is the possibility of transient tooth pain while being actively engaged in the bleaching process. Over the years, our office has used several different techniques and products. We have finally settled on a technique that gives our patients predictably great results, with a minimum – typically no discomfort. We would invite you to visit the Kor® Whitening website by clicking here for further information on getting your teeth their whitest.

Snap-On Smile

There are times where the situation, or budget, do not call for an irreversible solution to a cosmetic problem. What if you could improve the look of your teeth without an injection or a drill? Simply put, you can. A recent addition to the solutions our office is able to provide our patients is a technique called Snap-On Smile. Snap-On Smile is what it sounds like – a set of cosmetically correct teeth that you "snap on" over your natural teeth. No shots or drilling, just a couple of impressions, and weeks later you are ready for Hollywood. Snap-On Smile is an appliance that you can use during all the normal day-to-day tasks like eating and speaking. It can cover an entire arch or just a specific area of your mouth. Made up of a space-age thin, flexible plastic that is custom fabricated on a model of your teeth, this is a great technique that can improve your appearance with minimum of effort. Snap-On Smile can also restore missing teeth both as a long-term restoration or just prior to implant placement.

Bonded Restorations

For over the past two decades, all of the "fillings" that we do in our office are tooth-colored, bonded restorations. Bonded restorations are tooth replacements that have the benefit of being virtually "glued" into the tooth. The bonding process uses a mild acid to remove a small amount of the tooth's minerals from the surface, which is then replaced with a clear, liquid plastic resin. Tooth-colored resin is then adhered to this "bonded" surface for the most intimated fit of restoration to tooth possible. When filings are bonded in this fashion, the tooth loses less structural integrity than if filled with a metal filling that does not possess this advantage. With the improvement in materials seen over the years, bonded fillings have great wear characteristics and are virtually undetectable except to the trained eye. The technique is not a panacea however. Due to issues with access or moisture control, some situations are not amenable to this technique. When we are not able to place bonded restorations, Dr. Stapleton will discuss you treatment options to assure that you are comfortable with the outcome.